iphone 6s live photos

Apple’s HEIF image format choice reinvents photography

Apple's image format transition isn’t only about image size and quality, it has the potential to reinvent photography.

Details, details...

There are three steps to software development success: Try to buy instead of build. Check whether it's too hard to build in-house. And...what are we forgetting?

iphone 7plus camera

Apple hits iPhone 8 ‘panic mode’? Get real

Apple is not actually defined by the speculation industry that surrounds it and these claimed panic reports are far more likely to reflect business as usual.

Ready, fire, aim!

This programming standards project has a high-level executive sponsor's support -- but there are still a few questions about it that really need answers.

754px miniature human face models made through 3d printing rapid prototyping

Apple’s ARKit will make 3D printing mainstream

Apple’s ARKit will make 3D printing mainstream -- the $99 Obsidian 3D printer shows what’s coming

facial recognition biometrics

Facial recognition in the new iPhone would make huge waves

Amid reports that Apple is preparing to abandon fingerprint biometric authentication in favor of 3D facial recognition coupled with iris scans, the mobile industry is preparing for authentication upheaval.

If he wasn't so tidy, it might even have survived

Take one really long, neatly coiled network cable and leave it connected to a computer. Now what could make that REALLY cause a problem?

windows xp pc

Kill it! Kill Windows XP now!

Or are you OK with leaving yourself open to something that can kill your business?

Unclear on the concept, plastic edition

Credit card security tip: Don't put all your card information in the same place. (No, really -- not even ALMOST in the same place.)

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Avoid the mouse trap: Old habits wreck new tech

New technologies that can revolutionize business and have powerful new UIs are emerging quickly. But most people are still tapping away on keyboards.

Close focus shot of a businessman using a mobile phone

Meeting the demands of a mobile workforce

Not long ago, rising demands of the millennial workforce’ use of personal mobile devices to access company data fostered widespread Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Today, the tide is shifting.

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Apple’s iOS 11 unlocks a future for IoT

With its move to open up NFC support for some iOS developers, Apple is opening IoT doors, while Hilton Hotels shows how to use smartphones to unlock them.

Back to the bleeding-edge future

It's the 1980s. How many IBM engineers does it take to admit that the hot new hardware is broken?

cyber attack

The ancient Microsoft networking protocol at the core of the latest global malware attack

The company is going to kill off SMB1 at long last, but you shouldn’t wait to disable it.

Four decades later, the same bugs keep popping up

Doctor's office offers patients a faster way to check in: Fill in a form online before the appointment. Which database errors did the developers make this time?

To be fair, he DID get it in 20

New IT boss at this telecom company isn't a technical guy, and he's shocked at the cost of the new SAN hardware that the company is about to purchase. Fortunately (or not), he's ready to float an alternative.

How revolutions are born

Flashback to the mid-1970s, when this company's VP of Real Estate wants a regularly updated list of leaseholders in alphabetical order, and IT says he can have it in two years -- maybe. Better ideas, anyone?

Our kind of guy

For half a year, this IT team has been working on a project to upgrade the mainframe. But they're a bit leery of the salesman, who's always checking with HQ before answering questions. Who's he talking to?

6 future building city night

Google wants to kill your phone

Google is laying out a path to make phones obsolete and replace them with something much better.

skydiving collaboration

6 team collaboration tools for Apple iOS users

Just like it is in skydiving, collaboration is critical in today’s super-connected business environments. Here are six iOS apps that can boost your productivity.

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