That's one way to get the contract...

IT consultant pilot fish gets an urgent phone call from the consulting firm he works for: Some higher-ups want to meet with him immediately -- and it turns out his boss's boss is making a sudden exit from the firm.

Microsoft Windows patch tuesday bug

Largest ever Patch Tuesday from Microsoft

After last month’s rather brief Patch Tuesday from Microsoft, we see one of the largest ever releases of updates for Windows and Microsoft Office -- and of course another critical update for Adobe Flash Player.

hipster with laptop speeding along road

Your smartphone: The mechanic in your pocket

You can use your Android or iOS device to gain access to a wealth of information about your vehicle’s operation. A few dollars spent on an OBD adapter and app can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary auto repairs.


10 commandments for tech employers

The young workforces that characterize tech companies bring special challenges.

Duty bound

Programmer is assigned to create software to help recover the import duties for some components in products his company manufactures -- a complex process that's currently done manually by a single user.

Well, SOMEBODY'S unclear on the concept here...

This manufacturing plant's managers decide to go for a VPP safety rating from the federal government -- which not many plants achieve. What could go wrong with that plan?

aws amazon web services

Lessons learned from the recent AWS S3 outage

Cross-region replication and backups can help applications survive regional cloud service outages.

spying tv

Of course your TV’s spying on you

It has been since it got smart, and so are most of the websites you visit, your Amazon Echo and every voice-activated smart device in your house.


Feds struggle with regulating banking’s use of big data

Some highly sensitive data is going to be set loose.

man person clouds tablet

An action plan for cloud management

It’s important to keep track of the who, what, where, when and why of your data.

So by definition it's a hardware problem, right?

This pilot fish is working for a major airline, doing onsite IT support at an airport, when he gets a trouble ticket. Problem: Bug in terminal. But he knows they've just patched the terminals -- so now what?

id 2961717 fbssprivacy1 100602920 orig

Anything you post can and will be used against you

Sure, the CIA can hack your TV, but public posts on Facebook could really hurt you.

phishing money

Phishing: Draining the corporate bottom line

Many don't realize the drain phishing attacks place on the information technology team, particularly the information security organization. Their efforts to contain phishing can leave a major dent in the corporate bottom line.

But everything's a lot faster nowadays, right?

It's the 1980s, and this big bank is consolidating its data centers spread across the U.S. The bank's secret weapon for distributed processing? Satellites.

omg laptop computer crash wtf

Computers in the news -- how much can we trust what we read?

A big part of Defensive Computing is knowing who to trust. Oftentimes, when reporting on technical computer issues, the media does not deserve that trust.

Why we still do deskside visits

This high-end hairdresser is having problems with two of the Macs used in her salon, and the issues are baffling to the IT pilot fish who supports the business -- mainly because they're intermittent.

checklist project

Addressing ambiguity on your IT team: A meeting of the minds

Some people have a high tolerance for ambiguity when they tackle projects, and others want all the answers before they do anything. But it is possible for them to get along.

cia cyber

If the CIA can sidestep encryption, what makes you think cyberthieves can’t?

New Wikileaks documents show agents simply refining standard techniques of cybercriminals.

large public cloud

Securing applications in the public cloud

In a 1990s-era data center, everything revolves around hardware and virtual machines. Monolithic applications are installed and run on servers. Servers themselves run in the private subnet (secure) or public (DMZ), and they have...

Because really, what could go wrong?

This healthcare IT vendor's install group takes a very businesslike approach to rolling out applications within the company. But it seems not everyone there shares that mindset.

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