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20160415 polycom phone

Mitel to buy Polycom for $2B in a tough enterprise communications market

Mitel's planned acquisition of phone and videoconferencing veteran Polycom for nearly $2 billion comes as the enterprise communications industry faces dramatic changes brought by mobility and cloud-based services.

Another successful IT solution

Field service pilot fish gets a trouble ticket for a grocery store IP-phone problem that's a two-hour drive away -- but it's not the kind of problem he's expecting.

skype for business Microsoft videocall

Skype for Business will give businesses improved collaboration on a budget

Microsoft wants to help businesses bring their meeting rooms into the future of videoconferencing without spending a whole lot of dough. Two new Skype for Business initiatives aim to connect existing technology to its work...

screen shot 2016 02 23 at 5.22.57 pm

Slack adds major new voice-calling feature, more perks on the way

Could the new features help collaboration at work or cause more confusion?

video conferencing cloud

Logitech takes on the big boys in videoconferencing hardware

While the world is completely fixated on software, Logitech quietly takes advantage of the fact that people still need hardware.

Slack Skype integration

Microsoft integrates Skype with Slack for easy video calls

Slack may be the darling of the group communication market right now, but there's one thing it's missing: voice and video calling. Microsoft is aiming to patch that up with a new integration between Skype and the popular messaging...

Talko Ray Ozzie Microsoft Skype

Talko -- Microsoft's latest aqui-hire is Ray Ozzie's, to beef up Skype team

Microsoft buys Talko, Ray Ozzie’s latest failed startup. Nobody’s really saying why Redmond bought it, but it’s not for the microscopic installed base...

the apple cisco deal may change the world not just the enterprise

The Apple-Cisco deal may change the world (not just the enterprise)

Apple devices will now enjoy unprecedented insights into network patterns as the digital transformation of the enterprise intensifies.

FCC logo

T-Mobile to pay $17.5M fine for 911 outages

T-Mobile USA will pay a $17.5 million fine in a settlement with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for two 911 emergency dialing outages on the company's mobile network last year.


9 things you didn't know about Google's undersea cable

The high-speed Google-backed FASTER system will link the U.S. with Japan next year at 60Tbps.

now even apple watch is an enterprise product

Now, even the Apple Watch is an enterprise product

The Apple smartwatch is following in the footsteps of iOS.


Why investors are so excited about Slack

It wasn't long after the launch of Slack's namesake team-communication software last year that the San Francisco company was catapulted into the "unicorn" club -- that growing group of startups with valuations of more than $1 billion....


Sprint offers home delivery and setup of smartphones, tablets

Faced with a highly competitive market, U.S. wireless operator Sprint is offering to deliver and set up phones, tablets and other connected devices for free at customers' homes and offices.

People working in a call center 131581032

Google Cloud and a Chromebook might be your next contact center

The next time you call customer service, you may get an answer from a Chromebook. The Chromebook won't answer your questions, but the human who does may be talking through Google's connected laptop with a headset. And they may be...

1 mwc tablets

5 takeaways for CIOs from Mobile World Congress

For enterprises, the most important issues at Mobile World Congress were IoT and how resources can be made available on smartphones without sacrificing security.

The rise (and rise) of Slack, Silicon Valley's hottest startup

IRC-for-enterprise startup Slack has released its first-year growth stats, and things are looking good.


Slack acquires Screenhero to add screensharing, voice, and video chat

Slack has acquired Screenhero with an eye toward bringing video, voice and screen-sharing capabilities to its IRC for enterprise platform.

Phones used for the first transcontinental call

This 1915 conference call made history

The first commercial transcontinental phone line opened on Jan. 25, 1915 with a call from New York to San Francisco.

cloud computing and wireless communications 139562453

AT&T opens doors between UC platforms -- and gives enterprises the keys

Enterprises want open communication with the people they do business with -- but not too open. AT&T's UC Federation service, introduced on Thursday, is designed to break down walls between unified communications platforms...

internet gavel keyboard

Restraining orders by telepresence -- and why the law needs to catch up with tech

Although St. Joseph's hospital in New Jersey offers temporary restraining orders by telepresence, the law is still playing catch-up to the technology.

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