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FairFly makes airfare tracking easy

It's a busy space, but given the money that is spent on air travel -- and the potential savings -- it's not surprising.


How to become an innovative leader in the digital age

Change your approach to new technology and inspire innovation, separating yourself from the masses of companies muddling through the digital age.

now apple ibm and the digital transformation of everything

Apple, IBM and the digital transformation of everything

The oldest mutual insurer of automobiles in the US bets on an Apple + IBM future

crm research scientist

IT career roadmap: Research scientist

Amanda Stent's interest in music has helped advance her career as a research scientist as much as her mathematics and computer science background has.

air new zealand airplane

Boxever and the promise of modern airline customer experiences

I've written extensively about how airlines can provide a better customer experience. Boxever believes it can enable this change to occur.

chrome for work

9 business-worthy Chrome for Work devices

When you think of the enterprise, you probably think Microsoft, Apple and even Samsung, but probably not Google Chrome. Well, that hasn't stopped Google from releasing a suite of Chrome for Work devices.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2016 2015.5

New Adobe Photoshop CC looks awesome

Adobe Systems retouches its software. Photoshop CC 2015.5 and other Creative Cloud parts get some exciting new stuff, for your media-fiddling enjoyment. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers turn that frown upside-down...

puerta de viru tallinn estonia

Country as a service: Estonia’s new model

The world has seen a massive leap in the number of people who offer their skills and knowledge for sale on the global marketplace irrespective of location and national borders. Estonia wants to offer them digital services.

signs arrow confused

6 ways to better align IT with the business

IT and business have struggled over the idea of alignment for decades, and not always successfully. Members of the staff of the MIT Center for Information Systems Research have come up with what they think is a better way for business...

Home Depot CIO Matt Carey

How Home Depot is building customer experience from the outside in

The retailer's growth strategy hinges on the success of what CEO Craig Menear calls "One Home Depot." Here's what making good on that strategy looks like from IT's point of view.

evans ecosystems thinkstockphotos 490799277

Digital business ecosystems and platforms: 5 new rules for innovators

Just as there's a dominant technology platform for digital business, comprised of a set of foundational emerging and disruptive technologies, there's also a dominant new business model emerging in the form of digital business...

1 global context

Countries making the most impact on tech innovation

A report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation ranks nations based on the impact their economic and trade policies have on global innovation. Here’s a look at who came in first and last and a few in-between.

cw feb2016 customer mainart

Digital transformation designed for the customer

Part business process redesign, part agile development, the new re-engineering is endless — just like customer demands. Here's how smart companies are learning to please customers one at a time, all of the time.

evans innnovation workshop thinkstockphotos 494557249

3 steps to a lean innovation workshop

If you're managing any aspect of innovation for your organization, particularly innovation workshops or other initiatives in support of targeted ideation, here are some steps to ensure your activities pass -- and even exceed -- the...

unified communications as a service

How UCaaS will help enterprise employees collaborate

Unified communications services are gaining ground in the enterprise, but many businesses are only scratching the surface of what's possible with UC tools. Enter UCaaS.

computer world feb 2016 primary

Read CW’s February 2016 digital magazine!

In this edition: Why the new re-engineering is endless -- and all about the customer; how humanitarian groups are using big data to improve response efforts; the pros and cons of a career focused on open source and much more.

evans industry 4.0 thinkstockphotos 480830308

How the Industrial Internet builds on the new platform for digital business

More than just the IoT and big data/fast data/data analytics, the real potential of the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 will be realized by the holistic combination of a key set of technology enablers to deliver “dynamic,...

evans business plan thinkstockphotos 450025601

9 key questions to ask of your next digital business initiative

Here's a list of nine key questions to ask of your next digital business initiative -- not just on the vision, value proposition and differentiation of the product or service itself, but on your entire business model and how you...

change management cio

Shift to digital business disrupts traditional IT

Ready for a change? IT pros should be prepared to rethink traditional IT roles and responsibilities this year.

lights light bulb idea

Secrets of disruptive CIOs: Investing in tomorrow has little to do with 'keeping the lights on'

“If all you do is keep the lights on, guess what, you’re not particularly valuable to your organization,” says Jim Houghton, CSC's Chief Technology Officer for the Americas Region. Listen to Houghton's CIO Perspectives keynote...

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