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11 cool os x el capitan tips to use today

11 cool OS X El Capitan tips to use today

You’re only ever a few Preference Settings away from getting the Mac you need.

Just kidding -- of COURSE it deletes them!

This community college is in the process of upgrading to Microsoft Office 2013, and that's generating uncertainty all over the place -- and not just among users.

tool for the job

24 essential OS X El Capitan utilities you need

Welcome to this collection of essential utilities for OS X El Capitan Macs.

10 steps to improve contacts in os x el capitan

10 steps to improve Contacts in OS X El Capitan

Your Contacts should be your prized possession, so let’s try to get them under control (and make better use of them).

mac app store

Apple apologizes to Mac devs for App Store certificate screw-up

Apple has apologized to developers for the snafu that sent Mac users scrambling last week to reboot and re-enter Mac App Store credentials when their apps refused to launch.

Dragon for Mac custom words

Dragon for Mac 5: Despite bugs, an upgrade worth making

Dragon for Mac 5 is a state-of-the-art speech-recognition product for the Mac that offers marked improvements over its predecessor, but there are also gaping holes where it needs improvement.

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

Apple users having trouble auto-updating QuickTime on Windows 8, 10

A glitch with Apple's QuickTime multimedia program has left some Windows users wondering why they're having trouble updating to the latest version.

os x disk util main

6 Disk Utility changes in El Capitan

Disk Utility has remained more or less the same for years, but Apple has given the much-loved maintenance tool a big overhaul in El Capitan.

OS X El Capitan installation

Apple updates OS X El Capitan to 10.11.1 with fix for Office 2016 crashes

Apple today released OS X 10.11.1, the first update for El Capitan, and implied that the refresh includes a fix for the problems users of Microsoft's Office 2016 for Mac have reported.

office 2016 installation

Microsoft: Go old-school to lock down Office from changes

Microsoft has told business looking to lock down Office 2016 so they don't receive constant changes to purchase old-school perpetual licenses rather than subscribe to Office 365.


Windows 10 device roundup features Lumia smartphones with Display Dock

Microsoft jammed a range of new Windows 10 devices into a two-hour announcement -- everything from three new Lumia smartphones, a Microsoft Band 2 smart wrist wearable, a new Surface Pro 4 and its first-ever laptop, the Surface Book....

os x el capitan 5 ways notes just got useful

OS X El Capitan: 5 ways Notes just got useful

Notes become truly useful for Mac and iOS users with OS X El Capitan

office 2016 crash

Office 2016 for Mac users lambaste Microsoft after upgrading to Apple's OS X El Capitan

After Apple released the new OS X El Capitan on Wednesday, users streamed to a Microsoft support discussion forum to report that Office 2016 for Mac regularly crashed, crippling their productivity.

el capitan

Review: Apple shines up OS X with 'El Capitan'

After a summer in public beta, OS X 10.11 El Capitan is now available to the Mac masses. The newest desktop OS builds on the foundation put in place by last year's Yosemite, though it does also offer some useful tweaks and updates.

satya nadella

Microsoft reshuffles into 3 businesses for financial reporting

Microsoft changed how it will report its financial performance, reducing the number of operating divisions to three, in an effort to align with CEO Satya Nadella's emphasis on the cloud and productivity platforms, and opportunities to...

office 2016 for mac excel

Microsoft shortchanges Office for Mac customers on support

Although Microsoft crafted Office 2016 for Mac to be much more like its Windows sibling, one thing hasn't changed: Mac Office 2016 users continue to get the short end of the support stick.

office updates for the ipad 2

iPad Pro users will need to pony up for an Office 365 subscription

The iPad Pro's screen size means that people who want to use Office on Apple's new tablet will have to pay for an Office 365 subscription.

office 2016 review sway demo shot

Microsoft raises prices of Office one-time licenses 5% to 7%

Microsoft today launched Office 2016 for Windows, and simultaneously raised prices of the stand-alone licenses for both it and the Mac edition between 5% and 7%.

Office 2016 word 2016 real time typing

The one feature that changes everything in Microsoft Word 2016

This feature is one of the best additions Microsoft has made in years.

Microsoft Office logo [orange background]

Review: In Office 2016 for Windows, collaboration takes center stage

Long available in rivals such as Google Docs, real-time collaborative editing finally comes to Microsoft Office, along with a handful of other useful improvements.

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