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Amazon Echo Dot and the kill switch
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IBM Watson, FDA to explore blockchain for secure patient data exchange

IBM's Watson Health division and the FDA are teaming up to explore using blockchain technology for secure, efficient and scalable exchange of health data, which could lead to enormous advances in research.

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Tech luminaries team up on $27M A.I. ethics fund

A team of philanthropists and tech luminaries have put together a fund that’s aimed at bringing some more humanity into the A.I. development process. It’s called the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund, and it will...

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Bots may send your liability risk soaring

Judges and juries may think that a company should be better able to eliminate errors in responses with automation.

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U.S. workers beware: Japanese insurer to replace humans with A.I.

A Japanese insurance company reportedly is replacing 34 workers with an artificial intelligence system, and industry analysts say the same could start happening in the U.S. this year.

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In pictures: The cars of CES 2017

Cars have become one of the most popular attractions at CES in Las Vegas. Auto manufacturers use the show to preview cutting edge tech coming to vehicles in the future.

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Microsoft is bundling cloud services to make cars smarter

Microsoft just announced a new Connected Vehicle Platform, which brings together a suite of services for connected cars.

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Outgoing presidential IT advisers offer Trump 10 tips to succeed

There'll be a to-do list from the IT department in the president's "in" tray when Donald Trump enters the White House later this month.

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Man vs. A.I. machine in Texas Hold'em matchup

Four of the world's best professional poker players are about to take on an artificial intelligence system in what's being called an "epic rematch" to find out if machines can outplay humans.

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LG unveils smart home robots, Wi-Fi appliances and ultra-thin TVs

LG kicked off the second press day of the Consumer Electronics Show on Wednesday with a 45-minute keynote featuring robots, consumer appliances, and more. Here are the biggest announcements that the company made:

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4 reasons why driverless cars aren’t everywhere yet

We’ve all heard the hype about driverless cars, but where are they? Why aren’t we seeing them everywhere?

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The top 5 Microsoft announcements you likely missed this year

2016 was a big year for splashy Microsoft announcements. But there was some news that flew under the radar. While they may not have the splash factor of a Surface Studio or HoloLens, these changes have the potential to alter...

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After a big 2016, next year may be A.I. tipping point

Analysts expect more A.I.-powered apps, smarter personal assistants and, of course, smart vehicles.


Software is eating the food world

Put down that lab-grown meat burger and slimy Soylent shake. Silicon Valley has a better idea than freaky fake food.

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A.I. tools came out of the lab in 2016

A.I. may not have feelings, but they're well on the way to analyzing ours -- and to understanding a whole lot more about our world.

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2016's top trends in enterprise computing: Containers, bots, A.I. and more

It's been a year of change in the enterprise software market. Here are some of the top trends from this year that we’ll likely still be talking about next year.

artificial intelligence in the workplace

Obama White House’s final tech recommendation: Invest in A.I.

Potential negative impacts can be offset by investments in education as well as by ensuring there is a safety net to help affected people, the White House argued.

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Mark Zuckerberg checks in on his year building A.I. for his home

Not all appliances are smart or connected, and even those that are have different interfaces, which made coding difficult, Zuckerberg said.

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Mark Zuckerberg built a real-life A.I.-assistant named Jarvis

This year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg set a challenge to build himself a home A.I. system like Iron Man's Jarvis. Here is what he learned along the way.

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