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Black Hat 2015
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Review: DigitalOcean keeps the cloud simple

With a great UI, fast machines, low prices, and useful guides, DigitalOcean is an excellent choice for developers.

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IT teams put conversations to work with ChatOps

Putting tools, alerts and processes into the chat interface gives both developers and the ops team a new model for working with infrastructure.

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The best, and worst, features of 5 leading ALM suites

Managing a portfolio of ever-changing software development projects is never easy, but application lifecycle management suites are intended to keep track of all the details. Here’s what software engineers say are the pros and cons of...

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Lambdascript project adds functional programming to Python

The language project, still in the alpha stage, works with Python expressions and emphasizes literate programming

Predictions for the Future of Programming

11 predictions about programming

Our coding crystal ball offers clues about the kinds of turns your programming career will take in the years ahead

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Microsoft closes door on Visual Studio’s Team Rooms

For future collaboration, Microsoft encourages alternatives like Slack or its own Team Services

The year ahead in app dev

The year ahead for Java, JavaScript, Swift and Universal Windows

Java and Swift will see significant upgrades, while JavaScript frameworks and Microsoft tooling will transform


Facebook's React JavaScript library faces new challenger

The small, lightweight Inferno library offers a major speed boost as well as server-side render streams, better real-world performance, and lower memory consumption

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Apple’s record breaking App Store news is about more than money

Apple set new App Store records in 2016, when over a third of all the business the store has ever done was transacted. This is a big step to digital transformation.

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Man vs. A.I. machine in Texas Hold'em matchup

Four of the world's best professional poker players are about to take on an artificial intelligence system in what's being called an "epic rematch" to find out if machines can outplay humans.

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Crisis Text Line: Giving Twilio justification for the 'tech making the world a better place' meme

Pretty much every technology company I've ever come across purports to be making a difference in the world. Here's an example where that is a justifiable claim.

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Developers get new Git code-hosting option

The open source, multiplatform Gitea project for lightweight code-hosting is written in Go

User errors: Log, yes -- ignore, no

This programmer's module works, but it still has some issues, so he adds an error-logging feature -- which comes in handy when something goes very, very wrong.

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7 things Silicon Valley needs to stop doing in 2017

I love you, Silicon Valley. You know I do. But there are a few things you keep doing that exasperate everyone.

Business critical, redefined

Flashback to the days when this IT pilot fish is a newbie programmer for a manufacturer where an industrial engineer has a business-critical project for fish to deliver.

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Microsoft's ChakraCore adds support for WebAssembly

Version 1.4 of the JavaScript engine core adds experimental support for the WebAssembly portable code format

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Python 3.6: Packed with goodness

More async support, more type-hinting power, more speed, and more efficient memory usage top a long list of useful additions to Python

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2016's top trends in enterprise computing: Containers, bots, A.I. and more

It's been a year of change in the enterprise software market. Here are some of the top trends from this year that we’ll likely still be talking about next year.

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