Sometimes you really can tell by the smell

IT pilot fish is called to this business's main building. Problem: The network is out. But the main thing fish notices as he arrives is a really awful smell.


Please, PLEASE tell us he's not in sales (or IT)

This company's new incentive program: Employees with an idea that boosts revenue get a percentage of the increased profits for the next year. But the idea that gets the most discussion is, um, problematic.


And that's why he's the specialist

Customer at a remote site says the mainframe is spewing out dump after dump of what looks like an opcode exception -- something that just isn't supposed to happen. What's going on here?


Not the disaster recovery we were expecting

IT pilot fish working for a city government keeps getting complaints from people in the Public Works department that something's seriously wrong with their documents: None of their saves seems to stick.


Now aren't you glad you said yes?

Software developer pilot fish gets a call from his dad: A big family reunion is coming up, and everyone will be there. Can you make it? Sure, fish says -- I can use the break. But not everyone at work likes that idea.


Details, details...

Backup administrator pilot fish who works at a big insurance company gets a request to recover some missing files -- which is what a backup admin does, right? Well, maybe.


Successful, redefined

This IT pilot fish works in change management at a big organization -- one with a big contractor problem, on a software upgrade that should have taken a couple months but stretched out to almost a year.


The price of security is eternal phone calls

This city government is going through an extended validation process with one of its IT security providers -- which would be easier if they'd just use the right phone number.


Anything else we can fail to help you with today?

Company CEO needs a new all-in-one printer for his home office, and this consultant pilot fish gets the assignment. That should be simple enough, right?


Just our way of saying thanks for the hard work!

IT tech provides support for this university's music recitals and other events, and when there's a shot at some extra work (and pay) he jumps at it. But he hasn't reckoned with the bureaucratic mindset.


All right, NOW can we replace the hardware?

This IT support pilot fish has been sent to customer sites countless times by outsourced support people who just don't want to replace the hardware. This time, though, they may have run out of alternatives.


But thanks for getting back to me. Yeah. Really...

IT pilot fish gets copied on an email chain from a sales person: Have these products passed quality control, and can they be sold? Hmm, fish thinks, maybe our inventory system has a problem. Or maybe not...


Hey, those variables don't grow on trees, y'know!

This IT shop's boss wants a new column added to a key database -- one that will hold the file-creation date for every set of customer data. Consultant's response: That's going to be a very, VERY big job.


10,000 points of failure, but only one is the user

Late one night, this IT pilot fish gets locked out of online access to his credit card account -- for the second time in three months. But this time, at least he gets an explanation.


Now THAT'S what we call a rounding error!

The company's new time-clock system goes live, and this IT pilot fish has finally figured out exactly how it works -- and is not happy.


Not the kind of job security we were looking for

Linux admin pilot fish at a manufacturer discovers he has been "volunteered" to deal with an open-way-too-long trouble ticket for a Linux workstation. But wait -- wasn't this supposed to be outsourced?


Just one more reason to love Mondays

It's first thing Monday morning when this bank suddenly discovers it's not receiving some mission-critical data on its primary data feed. What's gone wrong? (Or, more to the point -- what hasn't?)


How the old pro does it

IT pilot fish at a manufacturing plant has suddenly had server administration added to his job without any formal training -- and now, because he hasn't set user storage quotas, two servers are nearly out of space.


Why we love online calendars (and our bosses)

IT pilot fish gets an email one morning from his boss: Can we reschedule our biweekly half-hour one-on-one meeting. Sure, says fish, and makes the change in Outlook. What could go wrong with that?


Going postal, IT style

It's the 1980s, and when this company's IT department needs to get a copy of customer data to diagnose problems, the obvious solition is floppy disks -- at least until their mailman gets involved.


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