Now THAT'S secure!

When it comes to website security questions, this pilot fish has a bad attitude -- and that's "bad" spelled P-R-A-C-T-I-C-A-L. And that's great when nothing goes wrong.


Thanks for driving me nuts!

When this application programmer pilot fish takes a job in a factory environment, his co-workers warn him to watch out for a user named Barney -- and with good reason.


Turns out the correct button to click on was 'Send'

This pilot fish is certain he types in the right password for his online banking -- but the bank software denies access and locks the account. Good thing there are self-service ways to resolve this, right?


Not the kind of multitasking we're looking for

This federal agency pays new IT employees to sit around surfing the Internet until their security clearances come through. But for one recent hire, that's not enough.


How DO we keep prices so low? Oh, that's how...

Pilot fish is trying to order from an ecommerce site and hits a snag: A web form has a seriously incomplete picklist on an absolutely essential field. Time to call tech support, right?


Right on schedule

Flashback to the early 1990s, when this car-rental agency's handheld devices for checking in cars stop working every night at the same time -- but only for a few minutes. What's killing their wireless signal?


Your IT dollars at work...and play

This pilot fish and 11 of his co-workers are being taken out to dinner by a very big IT vendor -- and fish and his boss, who both know fine wines, get to select the drinks. How could this possibly go wrong?


Just this once, maybe proofreading IS a good idea

Pilot fish works on the IT help desk at a hospital run by a religious organization, but he helpfully proofreads the hospital's intranet, too. The biggest repeat offer when it comes to typos: Food Services.


Options: Carrot. Stick. Trust. Guess what works?

Consultant pilot fish is getting bored with his current project, but the client has a hot new project planned and would love fish on the team. Just one problem: He'll need training to learn the new technology.


How about Mute 101 for everyone?

This help desk tech is sure the user he's trying to help on the phone is clueless -- and he's probably right. But it turns out that user isn't alone.


Internationalization, REDEFINED!

This company develops embedded systems, and all the user-facing text is internationalized, but not the diagnostics. Then a new owner wants that to be translated too -- within the next two weeks.


Missed it by THAT much

It's just about Y2k time, and this pilot fish is assigned to a college's accounting department, where he has lots of duties that include one very taxing responsibility: uploading 1099 data every year to the IRS.


Why we love licensing

Flashback a decade or two, to the days when one big database vendor is constantly changing its licensing -- and customers keep figuring out how to beat it.


It ain't broke, so fix it -- right now!

This company makes a corporate decision to go 100-percent Microsoft .NET for its web app development -- and that's a problem for the pilot fish who's responsible for the existing versions of some of those apps.


Apparently you asked yourself the same question

IT pilot fish is in the last days at his first job and, in this close-knit office, his co-workers are sorry to see him go -- all except one guy.


Doing the math

It's this IT pilot fish's first job out of college, and the company he works for has just hired a new VP of sales and marketing from a major computer vendor -- and he has a new motivational slogan for the company.


Upgrade required

It's the early 1990s, and time for the sales guys in a remote office to enter the world of PCs. But after a few weeks, one of them has a problem: His computer is full.


That's not a bug, it's a feature!

This engineering firm needs to send workers out to collect data in the tunnels around a water-treatment plant, and a pilot fish has outfitted them with software for their iPads. But why did it suddenly stop working?


Well, we THOUGHT we were prepared for this

The city where this company has its headquarters is about to host a summit of leaders from the Group of Twenty nations -- and that means getting to work is going to be a challenge.


Just because it fails doesn't mean it's a failure

Flashback to the early 1980s, when this IT department has a Cobol program that's intermittently failing -- but only when it runs on one of the department's two big processors. Now, exactly where's the problem?


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