Just this once, maybe proofreading IS a good idea

Pilot fish works on the IT help desk at a hospital run by a religious organization -- but he helpfully proofreads the hospital's intranet, too.

"When I would hit the food service menu page, I took notes of all the spelling errors appeared every month, which usually totaled between 15 and 20," says fish.

"I notified higher-ups about this, but nothing seemed to change, since the page was managed by the dietary department and not IT.

"One month I surfed to that page and found that, a few days earlier, the cafeteria had served 'Sloppy Hoes.' I told my supervisor, who cracked up, who then told the head of operations, who was in stitches. It was funnier because there was a strip club just down the street from the hospital.

"Eventually a screen shot of that calendar wound up on a department PowerPoint presentation as a punchline slide to pictures of departmental lunches.

"And as a result of this typo, the dietary department finally paid more attention to proofreading its intranet pages."

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