RStudio's new enterprise platform moves out of beta

RStudio Connect is aimed at giving easy access to R-generated analysis across an organization, including non-R users

R programming
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On the eve of its annual user conference, RStudio announced that its RStudio Connect publishing platform has moved out of beta and is available for a free 45-day evaluation.

Connect is designed to allow R users to easily share reports, dashboards and interactive Shiny Web applications across an organization. In its announcement, the company said it offers "push-bottom publishing from the RStudio IDE, scheduled execution of reports and flexible security policies" for sharing the results of data analysis across an enterprise.

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The Connect software is for inside-the-firewall installation and works with LDAP/Active Directory, Google OAUTH or other identity management, RStudio said.

The news appeared to be well-received by the R community, with Stitch Fix data scientist Hillary Parker tweeting: "I will go on about this more later. But having short-lived, reproducible, auto-updating reports is a game-changer w/in an org imo. "[A/B test] Experiment analysis updates every day during the experiment, so business partners are happy. And stats people happy that analysis is right!"

"Install on a server behind our firewall is real game-changer for my team. My IT dept might actually be comfortable w/this," data analyst Brandon Hoeft responded.

Base pricing starts at $14,995 per year for 20 users.

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